Every Dollar Counts…

HUG understands that education is vital and the long-term goals are to build schools and dormitories in Uganda. In the interim HUG is raising funds to pay for 3 full-time teachers at a local school in Makindye, Uganda run by Pastor Emmanuel and his wife Sarah. Pastor Emmanuel and Sarah are no strangers to hardship, yet do all the can to help orphaned children in Uganda. They work hard to enrich the lives of the children under their care and need our help. The cost of one full-time teacher in Uganda is approximately $130 per month. A small price to pay for a child’s education. HUG is also raising funds for scholastic materials to assist the school.

Where do donations go?

All donated funds will go directly towards paying for teachers, building schools and dormitories.

Donate here.

To help HUG and their mission to educate Ugandan children, we have listed our bank details. Any amount, no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.

The children of Uganda will be thankful for your support.

HUG- Helping Ugandan Generations
BSB: 033053
Account Number: 483 174

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