About HUG

HUG – Helping Ugandan Generations was established in April 2008 after working as a journalist in Uganda. As numerous stories we covered were on orphanages and developing communities, I was saddened to see the abject poverty throughout the country.

Rampant diseases such as HIV and malaria leave countless children orphaned which further perpetuates poverty. Sadly, many of the children I met lost one or both of their parents to HIV and have no means to education and the basics in life.

Once back in Australia, I felt compelled to do something, anything to help. I organized donations drives and set about raising awareness. The public’s response has been overwhelming and to date, HUG has made several humanitarian trips to Uganda, sending over one tonne of aid such as clothes, books, scholastic materials and toys.

HUG understands that education is vital and the long-term goals are to build schools and dormitories in Uganda. In the interim HUG is raising funds to assists villages and children where there is no government support or aid.

Corruption, diseases and poverty make life a struggle for many. Instead of being able to grow up looking forward to many milestones, such as the first day of school or graduation, many in Uganda struggle just to survive. For some survival is finding a safe place to sleep and something to eat each day.  No matter what the obstacles are, HUG will continue to help underprivileged people in Uganda.

Cate Altamura

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